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Landscape gardeners design and construct garden landscapes or renovate existing gardens. They use a wide range of gardening skills to create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Recently the emphasis has been on native plants that work best with our climate.

  • Prepare plans, drawings, specifications and quotations
  • Schedule landscape construction
  • Prepare areas for landscape construction by analysing sites and clearing debris
  • Select, estimate and order materials and plants to create landscapes
  • Set out and install 'hardscape' (walls, paths and timber features) and 'softscape' (plants) structures
  • Construct or reface steps, garden walls, fences, trellises, pergolas, ponds, fountains and irrigation systems
  • Construct and install facilities and features, such as ferneries, barbecues, play structures and garden
  • furniture
  • Construct paths, steps and paved areas with paving materials, gravel and timber
  • Perform 'formative' (shaping) pruning
  • Maintain and repair gardening equipment.

Source Goood University Guide Landscaping